domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Boy Scout Barker

Clive Barker contó en su cuenta de FB que había sido Boy Scout:

I remember being sent home early from a trip to Wales with the Boy Scouts [ Yes,of course I was a Boy Scout. All that knot tying and ceremonial oath swearing;it was the essential guide to Sado Masochism for Boys.I couldn't have written Hellraiser without a certain Saturday Ritual invented by my troop which I remember fondly whenever I dip my balls in tequila.] Anyway they send me home because I volunteered to tell a scary story one night and some of the kids thought I was possessed because I was speaking in tongues.

Luego agregó:

One last element to this story. I am changing names to protect those whose lives have long since ventured into suburban banality, but all that follows is true. I, for all my dark thoughts, knew nothing about homosexuality, except that famous men did it and when they were caught were publicly humiliated, and often destroyed by the things that were said about them... But there was fear in my gut that this bad thing could put me in prison if I was caught doing whatever it was. I know I must sound absurdly naive, but there was no television in our house and certainly no reference to this life-destroying disease, sin or whatever it was available to me. Regrettably, certain members of my family, realizing that there was a taint of the queer hidden in my cautious gaze, chose to use my fear of sealed cells to make my early teens absolute Hell... But love found me when I was fourteen. A kid who taught mae what certain words meant. But better still, taught me to accept his love, and to return it. We were together for almost three years, sinless and happy, free of fear.

Antes de que subiera esta linda parte de la historia (que sólo dejo como referencia), escribí los versillos que siguen, jojo... Espero sean del agrado del amable público lector:

Boy Scout Barker

Clive Barker was a Boy Scout! I would have never thought;
but after all, 'f you think it through, he knows a whole damned lot
of whisp'ring woods, self conscious rocks and leaves that soon will rot
into the dirt where creatures hurt you and cut you all for naught.

Clive Barker was a Boy Scout... I should have guessed before!
Not everything is learned in books where birds cry 'Nevermore!'
His wits, his plots, his scattered guts, and all that ancient lore
comes from the times around the fire he told his tales of gore.

Clive Barker was a Boy Scout. 'Twas obvious! Was it not?
Of course he was a Boy Scout: he told us of his knot
tying and that ceremonial swearing of an oath.
He can get out and move away: deny what had him wrought,
but after all, he will be back to Jerusalem's Lot.

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